Tricks for Beginners to reduce loss in trading

          Trading is always a learning process. No one can assure you with the magic trick so that you can profit your trade. This blog is all about the tricks for beginners to reduce losses in trading. When a person decides to do trading he would be lost in the sea full of ideas which will result in lots of confusion and chaos. This blog would be like a helping guide for all the lost souls.

          The Stock market is nothing but a shocking market which shocks you with both success and failure. Successful traders are pointed out by how they learn to handle their losses. They learn through failures. The first step that you should remember while you step into business is to be punctual and dedicative. Particularly when you come into trading you should be very strong emotionally to accept any loss. Because while trading a trader should be very calm to observe and analyze the market. Being panic or fear of loss will always lead to mistakes.

          As soon as you saw the title “ tricks for beginners to reduce losses in trading”, it doesn’t mean that we are going to perform magic so that you could learn the mantra and profit from your trade. Instead, we give you some strategies and key plans to make you more clear about training and its consequences.

Stop Losses:

          It helps to minimize the losses but when it is not fixed the market will mesmerize the trader to trade more. So, the stop losses should be kept far and must be scientific. This will help to manage risk factors effectively. Beginners can follow the 15% stop loss rule. Never be hesitant to book your loss. It seems to be a minor criterion but the majority of the traders fail to practice this.

          Stop losses order is maintained for a security purpose. For long positions, it can be placed low, and for short positions a little high. There should be two stop losses. One is physical which determines the money that you are okay to put at risk. Another is a mental stop-loss where you expect an unexpected turn. Whenever you come to this stop point mentally and physically take a little break from trading. Let tomorrow be a fresh beginning.

          In case if you find your strategy or stop losses to be too risky make sure you alter them. If you are okay with your strategy check whether it is profitable and whether your goals are achieved.

          The trick for beginners to reduce loss in trading is to know when to place a stop-loss order or how long it should go determines the success. Investing in two or three companies is always a safety factor. If it does, do proceed with a demo account and start trading with real cash. If the strategies are not working be sure to prepare another. 

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Trading Knowledge

          No matter if you're a beginner or an expert in trading, basic trading procedure, stock market news, and events should be known to them. Be very sure about the money that you are willing to put into risk. It may or may not help you in giving opportunities to profit your trade. Learn about fundamentals and marketing details even if you are a trader or an investor.

Small Start

           Being a beginner, aim at one or two stocks. So that you find it easy to follow and get opportunities to profit your trade. You can also examine how it works without any loss from our side.

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Follow the Trend

          Some will have the strategy to follow the trend that they will buy when prices are rising. It is important to get news updates when you move into the market. Practice trading strategies through a virtual environment so that you get enough experience when you enter the real market. This hard process can also be treated in an easy way with the help of technological development. There are many traders outside who use trendy strategies to light up success.

Be Responsible

           The result of what is happening in trade is because of you. Be matured enough to take responsibility for whatever is happening. There is no wrong in pausing while trading. If you find the market to be confusing, stop trading. Figure out what mistake you made and learn to avoid it further. Learn to divert your loss in a positive way which encourages you to move forward but with the stop-loss order. Soon after you have identified your faults and rectified them, get back in the game with a stronger mentality.

Do-Follow Hedging Strategy

          It should be practiced before a market reversal. Through using this you can preserve gains. It is based on the duration of the expected fall. It is always better to hold on with extra cash. By doing so will help you with unseen expenses.

Be Prepared with Alternatives

          Even if you have a minimum capital you have to possess some investment strategies. If you decide to invest in a particular stock then figure out the other alternative that will help you to reverse a potential loss. Make sure that you are ready to lose the money that you have invested.

Determine Your End

          No matter if you are getting enough income or gains from your stocks if you have fixed where to end make sure you follow that. There is a special technique called the method of Warren Buffett by Cigar who encourages people not to be afraid of the down market. Great traders instruct you to do trading without any emotions but still, you can trade with other’s fear and greed.

Touch Your Pocket Alone

          If you wish to trade, start doing it with the money that you have, don’t ever invest your life savings or leveraged money.

Select your Company

          Make sure you have a good trading platform for your progress. Before investing in a company or industry you should know how it works, and the volume of demand it has, and how they treat their stockholders. By searching for the right broker we come to know the easy techniques that different traders use.
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Tricks for Beginners to reduce losses in trading:

  • The first trick is that you should know whether you are able to analyze market behavior. If yes, proceed, if no stop risking your money.
  • Be determined in your stop-loss order. Don’t dare to cross your stop-line which protects you from loss.
  • Being disciplined is a much needed one. One should be very keen on what they do and must not be absent-minded while trading.
  • If you are a risk lover I’m sure you will get through this. The true fact is that loss can’t be avoided instead one should learn to minimize them.
  • A trader should plan to invest in five or six trades which in case two went in loss, three would replace the loss. The same technique is followed while investing.  
  • Always prefer to go with the market. One cannot win if they prefer to step-out of the market box.
  • Before ever planning to select a company make sure you know the basic historical details about the company. So that you can come to a conclusion about whether to choose it or not.
  • A trader should not panic and must have the presence of mind to act accordingly to the positive or negative news. Some short-term loss should not be considered because strong companies like Nestle India will come back to shape quickly.
  • Don’t hesitate to accept your failure. Because if you don’t, you may lose to a greater extent and so make sure that your entry and exit methods are defined and written down.
  • No matter how hard the market tests your nerves never ever leave your hope aside and learn to handle your greediness and failures. Decisions for trading should be done logically and not emotionally.
  • Go with the plan that you made, not with the plan that you got after starting trading. The Market will be very confusing and at the same time pleasing, which invites you for more. But don’t forget to trade with what you planned.
  • Always draw a rough outline of what you’re going to do ( buying and selling) and how much you are planning to invest for trading.

“ Being Patience will always get its reward”

  • Being patient is a trick for beginners to reduce loss in trading because it will not stop you from investing when stock is going high.
  • Put all your attention on one market and learn out of it.
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