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How to open Demat Account

          Planning to invest your money? Are you searching for the right guidelines on how to open a Demat Account

          Opening a Demat Account is not a tough cookie; rather an individual can independently open a best Demat Account just by following our guidelines.

There are three different types of Demat Account

  • Regular Demat Account
  • Repatriable Demat Account
  • Non – Repatriable Demat Account

          Opening a best Demat Account is essential to trade in stock exchanges. It is possible to hold different investment policies like mutual funds, funds, and equity shares under one Demat Account.

          There is no possibility of transferring one Demat Account to another but one can transfer shares from Demat Account to another. Added advantage on opening a Demat Account is that you can link your trading account with Demat Account.

          Step -1

If you are an independent individual without any brokers or financial institution help then the first step is that you select the depository participant.

          Step – 2

Any process that is done first needs an application form to be filled out. The same way fill up the Demat Account opening form with the required documents and your passport sized photo. Owning a pan card is must to be included in the required documents.

          Step – 3

After reading the rules and regulations, the process will be continued with In- Person verification. After all these steps and verifications, you will be provided with a Demat Account number and a client ID and after that you can operate your account online.


          Nothing is for free is the universal truth that everyone should admit. And so Demat Account charges you to pay some fees for annual maintenance and the transaction for a fee on a monthly basis. You are not forced to maintain a minimum balance in your account and to open an account you need not want to have shares. There will be an annual maintenance charge of Rs. 450

Documents required to open a Demat Account

          If you are wanting to open a best Demat Account then it is necessary that you submit certain documents. Only the photo copies  are submitted but the originals are referred for verification.

Identity proof

          An applicant Adhaar Card, voter ID, Passport, Pan Card, License, Bank Attestations, and any legal central or state government ID card with their photo is valid for Identity Proof.

Address Proof

          Any document with an address that is issued by the central or state government is suitable for this proof. For Example: Ration Card, telephone bills, voter ID card, and Passport etc.

Income proof

          A certificate of your latest salary details or Income Tax Return is mandatory. Make sure that all your documents are true to your acknowledgement. Before opening an account be ready to file your nominations. If you are a beginner and want to know what a Demat Account is?

          Demat Account is the demounting of paper work. Earlier each and every transaction and exchange was maintained through physical paper works but now technology has played its role here. Those physical features were converted to a digital one and that saved a lot of time. And this created trust among the investor because the money that they received were credited to the investor’s Demat Account.

          An investor can open multiple accounts in the same name with the same Depository Participant. A Demat Account can be opened jointly and at the same time it can be transferred from one Depository Participant to another Depository Participant.

          Never forget to link your Demat Account to your trading account. The closing of the Demat Account is as easy as opening it. A request form related to the closing of Demat Account is submitted with all the holders signatures.

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