Things you need to remember when you intraday trading

Best Stocks for Intraday Trading

          Are you waiting to know about the best stocks for intraday trading? Were you searching for a perfect stock for intraday trading? We are here for you to tell you about the best stocks for intraday trading.
          The best stocks for Intraday Trading is avoiding the current market trend and to follow certain features.
best stocks for intraday trading


           Liquid stocks are very easy to sell and buy. A large quantity can be purchased and sold without any financial crisis. Depth in the intraday is undetermined because of the variation that it has at various price levels. It should have huge trading volumes. You can predict price action and variation.

High Volatility

          In intraday trading, the price movement is very much necessary for making money. The intraday traders prefer the stocks that move 3% or more per day and the stocks that are more than $1.50 per day. People who trade based on volume and money get good profit. Intraday success is based on daily price movements. While selecting the stocks remember that they should have price movement. High Volatility indicates more trading opportunities and Low Volatility indicates fewer trading opportunities. Highly volatile bets are as dangerous as thinly traded stocks.

Indicator Followers

          When the index of a stock is positive, the individual stock’s price gets high. If you are planning to trade everyday then one should prefer to focus on one stock, which reduces worry or tension. If you are a beginner follow indicators to predict the price movement.

Starting and Ending Strategies

          No matter the stocks that you choose you should know when to proceed and when to stop by looking at certain intraday trading signals.

Be Trendy in Intraday

          Being trendy in Intraday trading doesn’t mean that you have to buy stocks in recently bloomed companies instead follow some trendy tips. In the case of upswing go for taking long positions and in downswing prefer short positions. If the major trend shifts, start to trade with a new trend. 

If you wish to choose the best stocks for intraday trading, then look at equities or ETFs. Don’t forget to separate the stocks that are weak as well as the strong ones comparing the index. If the indexes are moving higher, then a trader should plan to buy stocks that are high. Trading in the uptrend will provide more profit. Be stronger by choosing the strongest investment.

Patience pays you in return

          Trendlines is just a guide to make you understand where the price waves will begin and end. One should wait for the rate to move up to a downward-sloping trendline. And as soon as the stock begins to move back down, then make your entry.

Prefer taking regular profits

          Intraday trading allows you to have limited time to capture profits. In the allotted time losing money or moving in the wrong direction can also be reduced.
intraday trading

Don’t play in trading

           Market trends always differ. If the trends keep on differing then the least loss direction is hard to establish. When the price moves to the lower horizontal area, prefer buying. If you are a trader then you do either trend trading or range trading.
  • For trend traders: Focus on trading stocks or ETFs and step aside when markets are ranging.
  • For range traders: Avoiding trading during trends and keep an eye on stocks or ETFs that tend to range.

Trader’s Criteria

          The most important point that a trader should think about is to decide on how much risk should be taken per trade.

Corporate Event

           It is necessary to check if there is any corporate event programmed on the same stock. You should check it very regularly because these events can both be a boon or bane.

Tips before selecting the best stocks

  • Practice trading strategies so that when you enter it you do it like an expert.
  • There must be a modest target and a strict stop loss.
  • Once you experience loss in stock don’t try to regain it by trading in the same stock.
  • Take an analysis of how stocks perform on your shortlisted ones. Analyze it the day before placing a buy or selling.
  • Make note of the top gainers as well as the losers so that you can decide on your intraday positions.
           These are some of the best stocks in intraday trading.
  • Axis Bank
  • Bajaj Finance
  • Indusind Bank
  • Bandhan Bank 
  • Infratel 
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Lichsgfin
  • Indiabulls Housing Finance
  • Apollo Hospital 
  • Jindal Steel and Power
  • RBL Bank
  • Tata Motors
  • Muthootfin
  • Zee Entertainment Enterprise