Triple your trading result with the best online share broker

Best Online Share Broker

          If you are looking for the best online share broker? Good, you have touched down on the right page.

          Before providing you with the best online share broker we will give you a clear understanding of who they are and what benefits one can gain from them.

Best Online Share Broker

Share Brokers

          Share Brokers replace the role of the customers in the trading process. They are given the official authority to be the member of the stock exchanges. Instead of customers directly engaging in trading they do take responsibility for that. There are millions of best share brokers all over India. They can be widely categorized under two areas.

  • Full-services Brokers
  • Discount Stock Brokers

          Full-service brokers have the facility in all processes of trading. They provide you with advisory, research, branch support, and PMS. When it comes to Discount Stock Brokers they try their hands only in stock and commodity trading services. Of Course! What your thinking is right! It is costlier than Discount Broker. If the services provided are high then the cost that it demands will also be high. Some full-service stockbrokers are HDFC securities, Sharekhan, Angel Broking, and Axis Bank. Best Share Brokers like 5paisa and Zerodha come under Discount Stock Brokers.

Discount Broker

          The word “ Discount” itself proves to you that it provides you a deduction from the normal cost of it. It provides you the cheapest and lower brokerage fee for selling or buying stocks. You cannot expect comfort when you buy something at a discount. In the same way, you can’t expect any means of advisory when you select Discount Brokers. They give guarantees only for providing trading platforms.

          The services that are provided by them are entirely different from Full-service brokers. They give you advisory facilities, research, mutual fund, insurance, customized support, and also the services related to Wealth Management. When you are trying to analyze the process of using a Discount Broker is that it is usually used at a lower cost. When it comes to traders who prefer to use minimum capital, this is the best choice. Here they give online trading terminals for free. And further, for clarification, they provide you with blogs and videos for their clients. 

          The charges are not based on the volume of what you’re trading. Instead, it is the same for a small investor as a big player. There is no misguidance in this because they don’t have an interest in selling 3rd party products. The main negative is that you can’t expect anything other than business if you don’t have time for your trading.

Best Online Share Broker

brokerage accounts types

  • Cash Accounts
  • Margin Accounts
  • Retiring Accounts

Ways to select a best online share broker

          Self- Questioning helps you to pick up the best online share broker. Do question yourself as am I a beginner? How much money am I ready to put at risk? What are my business goals? The selection of the best share broker should be based on each one’s requirements rather than details. Selecting experts from normal ones is an easy task. 

          What makes it difficult is that there are groups of experts so be careful in choosing one. Make sure that all your needs are met. Before selecting the best share broker, look for fees, trading platforms, accounts type, and customer services. Don’t go searching the broker’s pros and cons. The first step is that list down your own investment goals and then act accordingly.

Best Online Share Trading Platform


          After so much research and experience, we came to the conclusion that Zerodha is the best online share Broker in the trading history. It is always on the top because it consumes lesser bandwidth. It is too easy and simple to use within a single click. Multiple tools like indicators and charts are widely used for profitable trading.

Upstox Pro

          They are otherwise addressed as RKSV securities. They use a secret strategy known as socket-technology that helps in faster access to data. Through this, we don’t make mistakes in placing orders. They are highly responsive and also have customizable themes.


          It is a Discount Broker that provides an optimal user experience. The users will be able to view the charts for the past 30 days. One will be able to collect the funds from the bank account to the terminal directly. In this, the traders can invest in insurance and mutual funds segments.

Angel Broking Speed Pro

          It is the most popular and best share broker platform in India. The users will be able to open live markets. One can access all accounts related to reporting, and funds. It even alerts you based on the parameters that are possible. You can complete your joining process online just by linking your Aadhaar.

Sharekhan Trade Tiger

          The user will be able to access the Market Scanner, Chartbook, and more. There are shortcut keys for placing fast orders. They guide their clients through video tutorials.

          Make sure to know these terms before starting

  • Price to Earnings ratio
  • Market Capitalization
  • Dividend 
  • Bond
  • Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)
  • Market Order and Limit Order

Select your brokers based on educational resources and pricing structures. The information that is provided in this blog is not the result of advertising rather the outcome of complete research and analysis. For further clarifications and ideas feel free to contact us at Hunch Trading.